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Thank you for visiting my 3D computer graphics world.

You are reading this page, that is probably, you are coming from other than Japan, right? Very welcome! I'm very pleased that a lot of people visit my site from overseas countries.

Stardust Crossing is the gallery for my works created with 3D CG softwares. My works range from portraits to science fiction, mythology and more.

The contents are written mainly in Japanese. I think, though, you can easily go into the galleries and see my works because I put some English signposts in the galleries.

About me

I am Japanese and live in Tokyo.

My handle name is "Stardust" or "Stardust Crossing" ordinarily. I sometimes use "Hoshikuzu Jujiro" as handle. It is a Japanese word which means "Stardust Crossing".

I started 3D CG in May 2005. It is my hobby not job to create 3D CG. My real job has no relation with CG. So I enjoy a CG life at weekends. Vue 5 Esprit & Vue6 Infinite, Poser 5-7 and Shade 8.5-11 Basic are my main softwares.


Galleries Written in both Japanese and English.

Tips Written in Japanese.

Diary Written in Japanese.

About Me Written in Japanese. The contents are almost the same as this page.

Contact me

There is no bulletin board (BBS) in the site. If you have something to let me know, please feel free to email me.

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